Say hello to new Flickr

Flickr just launched new redesigned version of their web. Except the look is probably the most important change the storage. Free accounts now have 1TB free space. Instead of pro accounts you can buy Ad Free account, which have same parameters as free account, but ads are not show. There also exist Doublr account which is combination of Free and Ads Free but with 2TB storage.

Add Free account is now for 49.99 USD er year, which is in fact double of price of old pro account. BUT! If you are Pro member, you can keep your current subscription for 24.95 USD per year. It is not quite clear now what features you will get as pro member, mMore details can be found in FAQ on Flickr help pages.

New design is much moore focused on photos, I would say too much. Now you cannot change layout of your stream, If you want to add some text to your set only first few words is displayed and rest you will see only if you hover cursor over it.

For me new design looks like unpolished, unfinished, but I will probably get used to mit.

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