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How to fix “Cannot Connect to App Store” after upgrade to iOS7

After upgrading my iPad 3 and iPhone 5 to iOS7 I noticed that I cannot install any app from App store. I was able to update existing apps, but when I trid to search for some not installed I got a message “Cannot Connect to App Store“.

At first I thought it is because App store is overloaded, but after few days it was still the same. I have tried everything, sign out from App store, restart iPad/iPhone, but with no success. I was able to search App store from iTunes on my PC, so App store itself was working.

As a Window user, where reboot is king:-) I tried hard reboot and it worked!

So how to fix that “Cannot Connect to App Store” error? When iPad/iPhone is running press and hold both, Home and Power button untill it turned itself off. Device is then hard rebooted and App store is working. My iPhone rebooted automatically, iPad I had to turn with power button.

How to downgrade from iOS7 to iOS6.x

Did you upgrade your device to iOS7 and realized you do not like it and want to downgrade it back to iOS6.x? How it can be done?

Short answer: It cannot be done.

Long answer: It can be done for a short time when Apple is still signing older version of iOS for your device. After iOS7 release this period of time was extremely short, so if you have device which is supported by iOS7 and you upgraded there is no way back. Current “signing status” can be found foir example on following page: www.icj.me/ios/all.

Lesson learned? Think at least twice before upgrading next time:-)

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