zsh – how to reload .zshrc

After editing your .zshrc you may need to reload it so changes are applied. Its quite easy:

jndm@Macbook ~ % source ~/.zshrc

or shorter:

jndm@Macbook ~ % . ~/.zshrc

How to list installed updates in Windows

Time to time you might need to list or export installed updates and hotfixes. Unfortunatelly even if you are able to lkst them in instaleld programs, you are not able to copy that list. But there are solutions.

In Windows 2003/XP  you have to use 3rd party software like Windows Update List by NirSoft.

In Windows 2008 and newer (works also for Windows 7 and probably Vista) it is much more easier, you can do it with:

wmic qfe get /format:list >C:\installed_updates.txt

Format can be:

  • LIST  – tab delimited
  • CSV – csv file
  • HFORM/HTABLE – html
  • RAWXML – xml

How to fix “Cannot Connect to App Store” after upgrade to iOS7

After upgrading my iPad 3 and iPhone 5 to iOS7 I noticed that I cannot install any app from App store. I was able to update existing apps, but when I trid to search for some not installed I got a message “Cannot Connect to App Store“.

At first I thought it is because App store is overloaded, but after few days it was still the same. I have tried everything, sign out from App store, restart iPad/iPhone, but with no success. I was able to search App store from iTunes on my PC, so App store itself was working.

As a Window user, where reboot is king:-) I tried hard reboot and it worked!

So how to fix that “Cannot Connect to App Store” error? When iPad/iPhone is running press and hold both, Home and Power button untill it turned itself off. Device is then hard rebooted and App store is working. My iPhone rebooted automatically, iPad I had to turn with power button.

How to downgrade from iOS7 to iOS6.x

Did you upgrade your device to iOS7 and realized you do not like it and want to downgrade it back to iOS6.x? How it can be done?

Short answer: It cannot be done.

Long answer: It can be done for a short time when Apple is still signing older version of iOS for your device. After iOS7 release this period of time was extremely short, so if you have device which is supported by iOS7 and you upgraded there is no way back. Current “signing status” can be found foir example on following page: www.icj.me/ios/all.

Lesson learned? Think at least twice before upgrading next time:-)

New Dropbox Giveaway

To celebrate of release new Dropbox Wiki, Dropbox is giving away 50G of lifetime space. To win it, you need to do several steps (donation, tweet, web post etc). More details can be found on their promotions page.

Say hello to new Flickr

Flickr just launched new redesigned version of their web. Except the look is probably the most important change the storage. Free accounts now have 1TB free space. Instead of pro accounts you can buy Ad Free account, which have same parameters as free account, but ads are not show. There also exist Doublr account which is combination of Free and Ads Free but with 2TB storage.

Add Free account is now for 49.99 USD er year, which is in fact double of price of old pro account. BUT! If you are Pro member, you can keep your current subscription for 24.95 USD per year. It is not quite clear now what features you will get as pro member, mMore details can be found in FAQ on Flickr help pages.

New design is much moore focused on photos, I would say too much. Now you cannot change layout of your stream, If you want to add some text to your set only first few words is displayed and rest you will see only if you hover cursor over it.

For me new design looks like unpolished, unfinished, but I will probably get used to mit.

How to update Windows defender automatically

Windows 8 brings not only Metro interface and strange Start menu but also Windows Defender instead of Microsoft Security Essentials. Windows Defender is missing some features MSSE has. One of those changes is that updates for virus and spyware definitions are installed by Windows Update.

In case your setting are “notify but not install automatically” you are asked nearly every day for manual update. My guess is that Microsoft want to force people to use automatic updates.
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R.I.P. Echofon

I am using Echofon, Twitter client, for a long time, mainly because of its ability to synchronize timeline between several devices. I am using it on laptop and desktop as a Firefox plugin and on iPad as app.

I have tried several different clients, but realized that this synchronization is a killer feature for me.

But now it seems to be a history as Naan Studios announced that they are going to abandon all version except of mobile one.

So from unique multiplatform Twitter client with synchronization between several devices we have here a client like hundreds of other.

R.I.P. Echofon.

Bibble 5 is discontinued, from now it is Corel AfterShot Pro

Yesterday appered information on Bibblelabs forums that Bibble labs were purchased by Corel last year and that Bibble 5.2.3 is last version of Bibble. Further information are to be presented on CES 2012 next week.

On same forums today user andysalay posted information that he found product page for ancestor of Bibble – Corel AfterShot Pro.

As you can see on screenshot it is in fact rebranded Bibble 5. According to information from andysalay current version of Corel After Shot Pro is in beta stage.

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